We have had some really strong requests to talk about Allopurinol or Zyloprim as it is also known and the side effects that can be associated with taking it. Firstly, this is a gout or chronic gout treatment, and yes it can have side effects. If you have just stumbled across my site looking for a herbal gout remedy rather than suffering the Allopurinol (Zyloprim) side effects then click below for:

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The common side effects are:





painful urination

blood in the urine

eye irritation

swelling of the mouth or lips

Less common side effects of Allopurinol are:

nerve damage

kidney damage
bone marrow damage

Allopurinol Side Effects

I am amazed that so many of my readers have advised me that they suffer from allopurinol side effects. Especially, when they all have acid reflux/heartburn or stomach/peptic ulcers. I do not think for one minute that they are linked in anyway, just one of lifes coincidences. When I have some time I am going to get wriitng some articles on the subject, but in the mean time good luck with your gout and any allopurinal side effects you may suffer

The Different Zyloprim Side Effects You Should Be Aware Of

There are different zyloprim side effects that you really should know about if you have been prescribed this drug by your doctor and it is best to know what to look out for before starting to take the tablets. It does have to be noted that not everyone is going to suffer from them but it is best to be prepared anyway.

The first things to look out for is if you start to feel nauseous at all but of course you need to be sure that it is the drug doing it and not just a general feeling caused by a bug. It may be accompanied by things such as diarrhoea or a general stomach upset and these are perhaps the most common problems.

Zyloprim Side Effects Can Make You Feel A Little Numb

There are ones that are that bit rarer but they should still be mentioned just so you know what the cause may be should they happen to you. The first ones are a tingling or numb feeling in your arms and legs so obviously if this happens then it should start to give you some concern along with changes as to how easily you bruise or even pick up an infection.

An infection can cover things such as a fever or a sore throat that just will not go away but apart from this you should also know that this drug may lead to problems with urinating but could also be Zyloprim side effects. This can mean an increase in the amount, it may be painful, and it may change in colour with even the possibility of blood appearing in it.

There is a very slight chance it may alter your vision or even give you eye pain but again it has to be said that there is only a very small chance of this. Do also check for any yellowing in your eyes or indeed yellowing of your skin as this indicates it is affecting your liver and you should stop taking it as another zyloprim side effect.

There is virtually no chance of there being any kind of fatal reaction to taking this drug so while some of the possible “zyloprim side effects” sound quite nasty at least you know that once it is out of your system you are going to recover. Do keep in mind that your doctor has assessed that the benefits it can have for you far outweigh the negatives associated with these reactions so they are confident that you shall be fine.
So if you get any of these zyloprim side effects then do contact your doctor as soon as possible so your medication can be changed. Just remember though that it is rare and in the mildest forms only consider getting in touch if the symptoms continue to persist or get any worse.

zyloprim side effects


Allopurinol Side Effects

A Guide To Allopurinol Side Effects

Allopurinol is a drug that is used to treat gout and kidney stones as well as imbalances in the levels of uric acid within the body. This medication is currently available as a pill that can be taken daily. Like other medications, this drug can cause a number of side effects. If you are currently taking this drug or are about to start taking it, you should be aware of the allopurinol side effects.

Some of the most common problems that people have when on this medication include upset stomach, diarrhoea, and drowsiness. However, these symptoms are usually very mild and should be no cause for concern. Over time, they may even lessen as the body starts to get used to taking the drug, but they are known allopurinol side effects.

Allopurinol Side Effects Should Be Mild

Most patients who experience allupurnol side effects will only experience mild issues. However, there are rare cases when a patient who is on this drug should contact a doctor or an ambulance immediately. For example, if you experience severe pain or feel like you are going to faint, you should seek medical help immediately.

There are some very rare symptoms that may mean that you are having a very bad reaction to this medication. If you experience any of the following problems, you should contact your doctor or an ambulance immediately: painful urination, rash or hives, bloody urine, irritated eyes, swollen mouth or lips, fever, sores, chills, sore throat, depressed appetite, itching, or weight loss.

If you think that this drug is causing you to have negative symptoms that are not listed in this article or on the medication’s label, you should tell your doctor about them. Although professionals are aware of many of the issues that may be caused by prescription drugs, some patients have varying reactions which may need to be observed.

To decrease the chances of having a bad reaction to this medication, you should carefully follow your doctor’s orders. Try to take your medication on time and do not miss a dose unless you react very badly to the medicine. Be sure to tell your doctor about any other medications or supplements that you are taking before you start taking allopurinol just incase they may cause allopurinol side effects.

Although most people are able to take allopurinol without issue, you should always be mindful of the allopurinol side effects. If the issues caused by this drug become very severe or they start to interfere with your quality of life, talk to your doctor immediately.

Be Mindfull of the Allopurinol Side Effects

Allopurinol Side Effects
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