The FAQs Of Prilosec Side Effects


prilosec drug and its side effects


Prilosec side effects such as migraines and vertigo are some of the negative conditions you may experience when taking Prilosec or omeprazole. It is a PPI medicine used to manage gastrointestinal and stomach conditions. It is also used to remedy stomach ulcers and erosive esophagus symptoms with antibiotic therapy.

The side effects of prilosec are exactly the same as omeprazoles, go here for the full list.

This medicine lessens the acid produced by the stomach, and provides relief from burns and esophagus damage caused by acid reflux disease. It is also used as an over the counter drug to manage symptoms of heartburn. Even though Prilosec side effects may occur, it is still used as a common treatment for acid reflux and similar conditions, like heartburn.

Some people who use this drug fell like urinating often. Blood and protein levels in urine may also rise. Some male patients may also feel pain in the testis. Increased levels of creatinine and glucose may also be spotted in blood tests. Other Prilosec side effects are coughing, skin irritation, hemostasis and high blood sugar levels.

Lose bowels, runny nose, back ache, feeling woozy, weariness, head ache, tummy ache, and gas are some Prilosec side effects that are quite usual. These minor side effects of Prilosec will fade away once the patient ceases to take the medicine, but so will the positive effects. The drug may also cause skin allergies, itchiness, skin inflammation, and alopecia.

A few people may have behavioral problems from the adverse effects of this medicine such as hallucinating, feeling irritable, depressed and hostile. Other Prilosec side effects include increased heart beat, fever, urine that is darker than usual, chills, pancreatic swelling, and abdominal discomfort. More serious Prilosec side effects concern the liver and jaundice; and cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure, angina, peripheral edema, bradycardia, and tachycardia.

There are some isolated Prilosec side effects that affect a few patients that use this medicine. A small number of them may experience loss their appetite, oral dryness, ringing ears, falling hair, joint pain, cramping of the muscles, sleeplessness, stress, lethargy, giddiness, skin dryness, urinary tract infection, pallidness, and obscured vision.

More serious adverse effects are excess perspiration, redness of the skin, palpitation, headaches, queasiness, throwing up, distorted vision, abnormal behaviour, sleepiness, oral dryness and disorientation. These are danger signs of a Prilosec overdose and require immediate and urgent medical help. Anyone who experiences the above symptoms should be brought to a doctor right away.

The adverse effects sound scary but they do not happen too often. Only a small number of patients will experience Prilosec side effects throughout their treatment. It is still a helpful drug to remedy heartburn, digestive problems and other gastrointestinal medical conditions. The benefits still outweigh the bad Prilosec side effects.

Those who already have problems concerning the liver, heart and allergic reactions to medication should avoid these side effects by consulting with a physician first before taking the drug. Other people who take contraindicative medicines for fungi infections, anxiety problems, heart disease like blood thinning drugs and hypertension medication should also be wary of Prilosec side effects. Although it is an over the counter drug, taking it without previous consultation with a doctor can be harmful.
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