Zyloprim Side Effects You Should Know About


zyloprim Side Effects

The purpose of this drug is to treat gout and some types of kidney stones although it can also be used to reduce or prevent the increase of uric acid levels in cancer patients especially those who are undergoing chemotherapy. As with any drug there are possible reactions, zyloprim side effects can range from mild to severe and in extreme circumstances the effects can be fatal.

Some of the common zyloprim side effects of taking this medication include upset stomach, nausea, diarrhoea and drowsiness. The severity of these zyloprim side effects can vary and in some cases they may pass in a few days, regardless of the intensity it is worth contacting your doctor to discuss the recommended course of action.

As with most medication it has its fair share of more serious but much rarer zyloprim side effects these include numbness or tingling in the limbs, bruising or bleeding more easily, any signs of infection such as fever or a constant sore throat.

You become or have noticed that you are more tired than usual, pain when urinating or blood in the urine or even a change in the amount of urine. Any yellowing of skin or eyes, sever stomach or lower abdominal pain, constant nausea of actual vomiting. Any sudden weight loss or a change in vision or pain in the eyes should also be reported to your doctor without delay.

Zyloprim Side Effects – Vomiting?

There are a few very serious and in some cases fatal allergic reactions to this drug and the symptoms to look out for include a rash, any itching or swelling especially in the throat area and this can cause breathing difficulties and dizziness. There have been some other reported zyloprim side effects but these are far less common, if you notice any strange symptoms or conditions while taking this drug you should immediately contact your doctor for guidance.

Unless the reaction is severe such as an allergic reaction is it not recommend to stop taking the medication until your doctor advises you to. You should remember that your doctor has prescribed the drug to you for a reason and in their professional judgement the benefits to you are far greater than the possible risks. Although the list can seem somewhat intimidating or even frightening it should be remembered that the vast majority of people who take this drug have absolutely no problems with it what-so-ever.

If however you do suffer any odd reactions or unpleasant side effects do not hesitate to contact a health professional, as it is better to be safe than sorry.


zyloprim Side Effects



Zyloprim Side Effects? Check with your Dr

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