heartburn symptoms

Heartburn is not a disorder but rather a symptom of digestive disorder like Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease or GERD. Heartburn is also a symptom of Acid reflux which is a medical condition. It is normally felt when you are supposed to take a nap, cool off or at the end of a meal. It may also be experienced after eating chocolate or drinking carbonated and alcoholic beverages. Heartburn involves the gastrointestinal tract and is usually mistaken as heart attack that involves the cardiovascular system. Basically heartburn is caused by overproduction of acids in the body. There are a lot of medications available in the market today that is why we really need to know the exact symptoms for the doctor to provide the precise treatment. Though people may have different heartburn triggers, most of them have the same heartburn symptoms.

Burning Sensation in the Chest

The number one symptom of heartburn is the sharp and cutting sensation in the chest area. It is caused by the sudden reflux of acid from the abdominal area and normally occurs after drinking or eating carbonated and alcoholic drinks. The pain starts behind the breastbone or the sternum and extends through the throat and esophagus. The pain may last for a few seconds but sometimes it may be felt for hours.

Burning Feeling in the Throat

Hot feeling or a burning feeling in the throat that makes a person feels almost choke is another symptom of heartburn. It is also caused by excess acids in the abdominal area. A person having this symptom would most likely to avoid swallowing or eating anything, because this may make things unbearable and even worse.

Sour, Salty or Bitter Taste in the Mouth

These unpleasant tastes are being brought by the digestive enzymes produced in the stomach that was able to reflux up to the esophagus and into the back of your tongue. It normally tastes sour, bitter or salty and in some cases, will make you vomit out of anything you eat.

Difficulty Swallowing and Coughing

Having a hard time swallowing liquid or even soft foods are also a symptom of heartburn. This usually happens due to the narrowing of the esophagus as a reaction to the acids. In some cases, a person may choke from food because of this. Coughing is another heartburn symptom. A real indicator is coughing during ordinary days especially if you have not been coughing because of an illness and have not been smoking.

Asthma like Symptoms

Immediately after eating or drinking anything, severe wheezing and shortness of breath happens. It is caused by the action going on the stomach area that extends to the neck and chest. This one is easier to stop and cure as compared to asthma. When the acid gets back to its normal level, the body also gets back to its normal process. And this is applicable to all other symptoms.

Prevention is always better than cure. At the end of the day what really matters most is the discipline in our daily activities and the food we eat. Having a healthy diet like avoiding too much fat and acid, regular exercise, avoiding too much complications and stress are still the best way to avoid heartburn symptoms.

heartburn symptoms
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