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Prilosec for Heartburn/Acid Refulx?

Prilosec for heartburn created by too much acid in the system hurts. The burning feeling of excess acids working their way up the esophagus and down the intestines while creating a fire in the belly is not only uncomfortable, but can leave an individual almost paralyzed with pain. Fortunately today there are medicines such as Prilosec which have proven to be a very effective treatment for this condition.

Anyone who has suffered from this condition realizes how debilitating it can be. Suddenly even standing up hurts and going to the doctor results in various medicinal solutions one of which is Prilosec. This is because drugs like this have been proven effective in treating this condition. The fact it is an over-the-counter alternative is merely a bonus for those with limited access to medical treatment and budgetary constraints. However, our readers have advised that they spend in exsess of $500 per year on Heartburn and Acid Reflux remedies —->>>>

Long ago there were limited options for treating heartburn symptoms. What was discovered was that baking soda did have a positive effect at taking care of the symptoms even though it didn’t actually treat the cause. This is because it is a natural antacid that is gentle on the stomach and has no side effects. For many people chronically suffering from this condition, long-term, however, it’s necessary to minister to the cause. One of the most popular options today is proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) like Prilosec.

This medication is used to treat a number of conditions. Duodenal ulcers which are located in the top of the intestine, helicobacter pylori infections associated with ulcers, gastric ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and pathological hypersecretory conditions such as Zollinger-Ellison syndrome where the stomach produces too much acid. Today all can be improved with regular use of one of the inhibitor drugs such as Prilosec.

PPIs like Prilosec generally come in tablet form and are part of a collection of drugs that work as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). These pills have a special coating that prevents stomach acid from destroying the medicine they contain and are frequently time-released. In the stomach there are tiny pumps that produce acid. What medication like Prilosec does is adhere to these pumps so they can no longer function. However, it doesn’t work overnight and actually takes from one to four days to build up in the system in order to produce the desired results. If a person stops taking PPIs like Prilosec when they begin to feel better then the condition will return.

As with any medication, over-the-counter or otherwise, people taking them have to be aware of their body’s reaction. Just because it works well for one person doesn’t necessarily mean it will work the same way for everyone. Additionally, anytime a foreign substance is put into the body there may be side effects. However, not everyone experiences side effects at all. The use of PPIs like Prilosec is no different than any other in this regard.

Prilosec Side Effects Are Horrid and Varried

Most common side effects in PPIs such as Prilosec include diarrhea, back pain, dry mouth, insomnia, and headaches. Additionally, some people have reported slight abdominal pain, upper respiratory tract infections like colds, dizziness, and constipation. By working with a health care professional, these can be treated easily while continuing to take a medicine like Prilosec for heartburn related conditions.

In rare cases severe side effects can occur with the use of PPIs such as Prilosec (also known as omeprazole) so an individual should be aware of reactions when starting a treatment regime. Emotional abnormalities like depression or hallucinations, symptoms associated with inflammation of the pancreas such as chills or fever, nausea, a rapid heartbeat, or extreme pain in the upper abdomen, liver damage, a higher risk of bone fractures, low blood magnesium, hair loss, allergic reactions such as unexplained rashes, itching, hives, and swelling, and weight gain have all been reported. In all cases, however, conditions were reversed when patients stopped taking these PPIs.

In recent years PPIs have come under the scrutiny of the FDA. It was feared that they would exacerbate heart conditions. What was found in research in 2008 conducted by this department, however, was that those who suffer from heartburn are not at increased risk of heart disease by using PPIs like Prilosec. This was an important decision in that tens of millions of people are prescribed proton pump inhibitors such as Prilosec and take them on a daily basis.

Another important consideration is how this medicine interacts with others that may have been prescribed to treat other conditions. Generally, PPIs like Prilosec exacerbate the effects of drugs putting more chemicals into the bloodstream than would normally be expected. If, for example, taking Valium for anxiety, having more of the drug enter the system could increase shakiness and cause blurred vision. Therefore, it’s important to review possible negative drug interactions with a physician or pharmacist if side effects associated with either drug are noticed.

There are many choices when it comes to proton pump inhibitors, however, only Prilosec is available over-the-counter. One popular option is Nexium which was marketed as an improved version of Prilosec but, in fact, is clinically the same drug except that the molecules are a mirror image of Prilosec and cost seven times more. It should be remembered, however, that individuals respond differently to different medications and one may work better than the other in some cases.

This medication is listed as a Category C drug which means they should not be used if pregnant or nursing. Although the effects of PPIs such as Prilosec on an unborn fetus are unknown, manufacturers and the medical profession feel that it is not worth the risk. Additionally, drugs like Prilosec enter the bloodstream and, therefore, mother’s milk which could cause severe side effects in an infant. Manufacturers of these drugs and other PPIs also note that they should be used by children only under close medical supervision.

For many people suffering from occasional heartburn a change in lifestyle can prevent the need to take anything. Smaller meals, lowering stress levels, avoiding alcohol, stopping smoking and other easy changes have all been shown to reduce the effects of this condition. PPIs such as Prilosec, however, are a good alternative for those who suffer from a chronic heartburn condition due to ulcers, GERD, or a syndrome that increases acid production. Although most are by prescription only, Prilosec is one option that can be purchased over-the counter at a very affordable price.

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prilosec drug
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